Authenticity is key to happiness


We all want to be happy.

Yet we all want to be loved, successful, and famous.

And that’s what makes authenticity so difficult.  We can turn into chameleons.  There is that successful businessman you want to make a pitch to or an acquaintance you want to turn into a friend, and the temptation is to try to impress them and often, deviate from your true self.

Sometimes it may work better in the short run if you do pretend to be someone else.  You may think you are better off hiding your weaknesses and flaws.  But this creates two problems.  You start to feel like an impostor, and it’s hard to know whether you are creating a lasting bond.

Try this.  Be yourself.  Be honest.  Express your true feelings.  Make fun of yourself for a silly trait of yours.  We all have them.  In fact, sometimes its our flaws that can be what make us feel so human.  No one wants to be friends with perfection.  They want to know you are just like them.

When you are authentic, you will feel more comfortable with yourself, and people will start to feel more comfortable around you.  Be true to yourself.  It’s the only way you will achieve lasting happiness.




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