Finding magic in the small moments


I used come home after a long day of work, and both of my kids come running to the door screaming, daddy, daddy, hold you, hold you!  This is every dad’s dream, right?

Yet over time, I would notice I would quickly be overcome with boredom and be annoyed by the very small things when I would sit down and play.  It was hard for me to sit still.  I was used to so much stimuli all the time.  I was approaching it in the wrong way.

I came home and went into it with such a closed mind.  I was looking for something magical, but I was just looking in the wrong place.  I needed to find a way to let go and just be in the moment.

I began to realize if you can approach each moment with a sense of openness and curiosity, magic will start showing up in the small moments.  When you aren’t grasping for something, but rather just be curious and let it happen, the moment just tends to flow more easily.

And that’s when it clicked for me.  I am trying to maximize the productivity out of every single moment.  And for what?

Engaged time with a 2 year old does not always feel as if it is a productive exercise because so much of the time, it is just silly play.  But that’s the point – there is no purpose.  It’s just play – for fun.  Who care if my daughter wants me to read the Peppa Pig book for the 15th time.  There is no end game and no result.

And if you can approach life with the sense of joy and play, that’s where the magic comes in.  When you stop trying to control every moment and just let it happen, you start to notice small subtleties in the way your kids interact.  I now pick up on every new little word they say with joy and curiosity.  And I now see all of the things I used to miss.

As a parent, you start to see how much the way you approach and interact with the world influences your kids.  They are like sponges.  It’s on us to take that extra step to create the right mindset.

There is magic in every moment.  Do you know where to look?


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