We are all prone to error. The difference is in our response.

You know the feeling.  You just screwed up.  The project that you had been working on for 2 weeks just fumbled because of a silly mistake you made.  And you now feel the frustration and anger of tdownloadhe rest of the group members.

What is your response?  Are you a fight or flight type?

So often after a mistake like that, we retrench.  We hide.  We avoid social interaction because we are so embarrassed by the pain we caused.

And while that response feels the safest, it’s the worst way to go.  No one knows how you are feeling.  Unless you express it, no one will feel the remorse.

What if, instead, we walked straight towards the team members and apologized?  What if rather than looking for someone else to blame, we step up and accept responsibility?

Which team member would you feel more connection to?  The one that avoids you after they screw up or the one that steps up to the plate, accepts responsibility, and is the first to lead the charge in finding a solution.

Step up.  Speak up.  Accept responsibility.  It’s the only way we push forward and save face.

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