Invest your time wisely


169e832Be strategic.

In order to grow, you must put yourself into situations to learn, and step outside your comfort zone.  You must be deliberate with your time.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have signed on to a company or work that pushes us to learn and grow.  But for those of us that don’t, it requires we take the initiative.

If you are one that is always able take care of your job in under 35 hours a week, do you think your boss would have an issue with you using the other 5 hours a week to teach your computer programming and website design?

Or should we just continue to use that time to mindlessly surf social media?

So often, we get caught in the grind of our daily lives, and the leisure time seems so fleeting.

But we forget the planning is up to us.  Our time is used in the way we choose.  Are you spending your time purposely?  Or are you living your life in a way someone else has set up for you?

What would you do with extra hour of time to yourself a day?  Would you use it to learn?  Or use it to watch silly entertainments and count likes on facebook.?

The choices we make each day about our time is like brewing a coffee pot – drip, drip, drip until you look up and it’s filled to the brim.  The coffee doesn’t get brewed without being intentional.

How do you invest your time?



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