Push Past the Fear

It’s hard isn’t it?  It’s so daunting and so scary – how could we possibly push forward and fail.  Failure on some level is sure to happen.

And it never turns out as bad as we think.  Even if we do fail, it’s rarely the death of us.  It’s rarely the end of the road with no more options left.  But rather, it’s a learning experience.  It’s what makes you grow and get better in the future.

Over dinner last night with a colleague, he thanked me.  He told me he would not have taken the opportunity had he really known how challenging it would have been.  And in the next second, he said, “I am glad you pushed me to do this.  I am so much better off because of it.”  Fast forward a few years, and he is now one of the up and comers in the firm.

Set in a perpetual wheel of of playing it safe, I pushed him outside of his comfort.  I asked him to move to another city for us.  And he did.  And none of us ever take even a second to look back on that decision.  We are just grateful we pushed past the fear.

What are you afraid of?

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