What are you waiting for?

“Authority is given.  Responsibility is taken.” – Seth Godin

We all get stuck in a holding pattern.  We don’t know what to do next.  Our boss isn’t giving us any guidance beyond the essentials of the job.  We want to do more, but we are afraid to step out.

And I see so many stop here.  If I just keep my head down and do what my boss tells me, I will be better off.

Wrong – this is where the real work begins.

Because this is where is gets scary.  This is where most people stop.  The path is less certain.  You will clearly screw up something if you proceed forward.  Just stick to the basics and fly under the radar – why risk it?

It’s the only way to make yourself stand out.  Following the rules leads to a dead end.

Engage with coworkers, organize team projects, or cultivate a breakfast group within the office.

Initiative is rare.  Most wait for their turn.  Once people see you are willing to jump up and take the responsibility of failure, the authority is sure to follow.

What are you waiting for?






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