Which path will you choose?

What’s the sense in waiting?  Does it ever really go anywhere?  The pesky task you have been putting off and off has finally reached it’s way onto the top of your list.

How do you react?

Do you grumble, push the task down the list, and go back to surfing facebook?

Or do you take a deep breath, take it head on, and go right at the most unsettling thing on your priority list?

I tend towards the former.  And that’s what brings us here.  This urge to procrastinate has held me back.  It’s stopped me from soaring to the heights I am capable of.

The real power lies in one’s ability to fight that first urge to put it off.  Rather than be overcome by the fear, push past it.

It’s okay to struggle with willpower.  We all do.

Just don’t act like it’s not a choice.

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