Addicted to Distraction

I am worried about the choices we are making.  I am worried we are wasting the precious time we have here.  And as smartphones continue to spread far and wide, I am worried we are using the powerful devices in the wrong way. The real productivity increases during the industrial revolution didn’t come at the […]

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Consume Less, Create More

We are living in a time of information overload – there is more to consume than ever before.  And this can create the temptation to stay in consume mode. Consuming may seem safer.  Less uncertainty – less face to face human interaction.  No chance of embarrassing yourself or needing to small talk.  Just sit and […]

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Invest your time wisely

  Be strategic. In order to grow, you must put yourself into situations to learn, and step outside your comfort zone.  You must be deliberate with your time. Many of us are fortunate enough to have signed on to a company or work that pushes us to learn and grow.  But for those of us […]

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Push Past the Fear

It’s hard isn’t it?  It’s so daunting and so scary – how could we possibly push forward and fail.  Failure on some level is sure to happen. And it never turns out as bad as we think.  Even if we do fail, it’s rarely the death of us.  It’s rarely the end of the road […]

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