The Hidden Consequence of Blame

Blame dictates fault and responsibility.  It tells us who should be punished.  It makes us feel like it’s not our fault.  When something goes wrong, most people are quick to point the finger and just push all the fault onto one group or one person.

Is it every really that simple?  Is it always that cut and dry? No – the fault rarely ever boils down to one thing.  But more importantly, when we blame, we relieve ourselves of any responsibility, and thus, little reason to learn, improve or change.  So – inevitably, we end up hurting ourselves when we don’t use every hardship as an ability to come together, grow and learn.

The next time you catch yourself blaming – stop.  The person who is really being hurt is you.  Rather than blame externally, evaluate within.  Think to yourself, “What could I have done differently? How could I have made sure this went more smoothly?”  This puts you back in the driver seat and will give you a chance to grow, learn and connect with those around you.

Don’t let blame hold you back.



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