Mindless Hate

It’s easy to demonize isn’t it?  Thinking back to myself, I can remember plenty of times where I picked a controversial political figure and took a hard stand one way of the other.  There was a part of me that knew I wasn’t developing a well formed opinion, but rather I was being impulsive and mindlessly choosing someone to hate.  And yet I pushed on anyways.
Insert Dwayne Wade.  I loathed him.  I would share my negative opinion to anyone who would listen.  A bitter rival to the Dallas Mavericks and a divisive sports figure I felt completely justified.  And reflecting back years later, I am having trouble figuring out what basis I had for coming to the conclusion that it was OK to express this hate in the first place.  What was I really accomplishing?
I wasn’t accomplishing anything – I was being mindless.  I was demonizing just for the sake of it and to merely provoke conversation.  My arguments and points weren’t well thought out.  I didn’t really give a whole lot of thought to the big picture.  I was guilty of creating divisiveness and boasting my opinion even when I didn’t really take a whole lot of time to think out that position in the first place.
And we do this all the time.  Our political system is tailored to it.  Left or Right.  Right or Wrong.  Stupid or Smart.  And most of the arguments and positions we take up are so much more complicated than that.
When we apply this type of close mindedness in our everyday lives, we do much more harm than good.  We push each other farther apart, and we all stay less informed in the process.  Open up your heart and your minds, and understand there is merit on both than 2 sides.  An uninformed opinion only takes time to evaluate one side of the equation.  A well informed opinion can see the merit in both sides.
If we don’t take the time to try and understand the other point of view, the other side becomes subject to this mindless hate, and we drive each other farther apart

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